The AIL bags are made for you to bring out your unique style. The freedom of your personality to be unleashed, that is what I want to do for you.



A manifesto for the LOVE of ROMANIA

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Wear them like a man!


BOND is designed for the modern man who leads with strength and transitions fluidly between his many personal and professional roles. Speed, resiliency, style, confidence – the must-have, the features of the modern man. Always!

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CH2 Vinyls

Discover CH2 Vynils, the Signature Music Collection

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Inspired by triangles


Created for the perfect impression!

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A project of two Artists


The inspiration for Canvas Bags is the art of the famous american painter Paul Jackson Pollock

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Stylized white collar and the red passion papillon of the pianist..


My first love – this bag was created for my exhibition with a piano concert in beautiful Rome.

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Be your own style icon… anytime, anywhere!


The Iconss clutches and purses are designed to complete and complement your wardrobe. They can be worn throughout the day or shine in the evenings, allowing you to play with colors and styles, in harmony with your outfit.

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Be bipolar! Play!


BIPOLAR changes with you and for you. It’s a symbolic/statement creation, with a well-balanced and functional design. A mix of what you need for a bag – and what you’ve always wanted.

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More than a one-trick bag


If you love quality leather, a silky touch and perfect reliability when it comes to bag, you will love our PONY models. Made from actual pony leather and in keeping with the highest fashion standards today, these extravagant-but- pretty bag models will cover your day to day needs and add a touch of #different to your outfit.

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The dark side of the muse


Kate Moss is my inspiration - her strong sense of self, her childish personality, her sweetness and influence have inspired this collection of must-have bags. They’re all about the simplicity, the must have with a drop of darkness, twisted side of a beautiful woman. The combination of fine black and silk suede. It’s a mélange of feelings and contours, all coming together in a fashion piece that complements any outfit, enriching it through simplicity and wonderful paradox – always seen up close.

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Shapes of a woman's hips! Inspired by Dali's Egg


Eggs in a coral's bay, this is what I see..</p> <p>An unique design with delicate details – the Oval bags are well-defined, project a unique personality and they’re easy to wear in almost any circumstance. They are both spacious and their oval shape carries the symbol of feminine perfection in harmony with urban contours.

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The light life-style of holidays


The LIGHT collection features lightweight textile bags with leather paddings. They’re light, easy to wear spacious, practical and very vigorous. They’re imagined as an unexpected, creative mix between textile coating and practical, easy-to-match denim.

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The AIL bags are made for you to bring out your unique style. The freedom of your personality to be unleashed, that is what I want to do for you.