Be bipolar! Play! Artistic and business, childish and mature, to play it’s amazing!

This statement bag is totally inspired by a controversial, dual personality – in perfect harmony with her bipolar state of mind, the artist and the business woman.

It’s a bag – but it’s also more than a bag; it looks like a boat floating in the wind, but also your most trustworthy office bag. You can carry it all day, anywhere, but it can also accompany you during evenings and formal dinners.

BIPOLAR changes with you and for you. It’s a symbolic/statement creation, with a well-balanced and functional design. A mix of what you need for a bag – and what you’ve always wanted.

A personalized BIPOLAR bag for you: We can personalize any model with your favorite colors and accessories of choice. These unique models are the starting point, your personality will shape the rest. Tell us how your dream bag looks like – and we will make it come true !