CH2 Vinyls is THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION created for lovers of music and freedom.

When vinyl records are WORN the music & the memories live ON and ON

CH2 Vinyls features LP’s and the symbol of Electrecord, the oldest Romanian record label.
During my childhood, it was considered a symbol of freedom, of music that crossed borders and boundaries and defied communist censorship.
The CH2 Vinyls collection is inspired by music – and my father, he is a musician in an alternative rock band and released an album under the Electrecord label in back time. Years later, I had the idea of creating a gift for him, a customized leather bag with his band vinyls, his favorite colours that would fit 2 vinyl discs inside, a wine bottle and, during day time, his laptop and notebook.
Since then on, I created many versions of the CH2 Vinyls model, including for world-renowed artists like Tara McDonald, David Guetta, Bill Patrick, Marco Carola, Luciano and many more.
A personalized CH2 Vinyl bag for you: We can personalize any model/bag from this collection with your favorite record, colors and accessories of choice. Tell us how your dream bag looks like – and we will create it!
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