Don’t play with words, play and say more with fringes…

The FRINGE collection is a game a colors, effects, geometry; a challenge, the freedom of fringes

that dance with the wind. Also, it embodies the seriousness and strength of big city bags,

created to carry everything you need and provide functionality and a je-ne- sais-quoi to your

office outfit. Fringes are bold, playful and unpredictable. Your fringe bag is, at the same time,

your most reliable accessory in an ever-moving city landscape. Play, use and enjoy!

A personalized FRINGE bag for you: We can personalize any model/bag from this collection with

your colors and accessories of choice. The bags are 100% handcrafted from real calf leather and

highest quality materials.

Tell us how your dream bag looks like – and we will create it!