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CH2 VINYLS ROBBIE WILLIAMS is a piece of art, a statement for uniqueness. Is made from metallic black calf leather, original vinyl from private collection and cotton lining. Lovely piece of art!  

650 lei


CH2 VINYLS ROBBIE WILLIAMSThis concept is created for the love of music. Custom made CH2 VINYLS ROBBIE WILLIAMS bag specially created for the tribute of the singer Robbie Williams. You can wear it anywhere, it’s practical and fashionable.The funky vinyl bag can be an original alternative for the classic and boring shoulder bag.

  • black calf leather
  • silver application
  • vinyl from your private collection
  • 22 l x 2o h x 3.5 cm

You can order any model you choose- the color and the metallic accessories !

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