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CH2 VINYLS BLACK CLUTCH is a piece of ART, a statement for UNIQUENESS ! #REUSE CONCEPT– by AIL– It is NOT for everybody Revive your scratched vinyls, give them a second life!

CH2 Vinyls is THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION created for lovers of music and freedom.

When vinyl records are WORN the music & the memories live ON and ON
Custom made art that defines you. Your line!

880 lei


CH2 VINYLS BLACK CLUTCH – This concept is created for the love of music.

Ch2 Vinyls was born, a retro vinyl, an original alternative for the classic and boring Clutch, with a real LP impregnated on it with his own original album.

It’s a statement of who you are, defines your personality and lifestyle.

You can wear it anywhere, it’s practical and fashionable.

  • 100% natural calf leather with
  • custom made metallic accesories
  • It’s decorated with a silver application
  • a vinyl from your private collection.
  • lacquered black- grey calf leather
  • original vinyl from private collection
  • and cotton lining.
  • 28 x 22x 5 cm

You can order this model by any color and metallic accessories.

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